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Custom Extensions

Magento custom module & extensions development

The core of any Magento project

Although the open-source Magento platform is a highly flexible and versatile eCommerce solution, your business may still need customization to meet the desired end results. Magento extensions are the ones that can turn your business into a real success, offering the ideal user experience.

That’s what’s great about Magento and its Magento Community, where you can find the required modules and extensions (there is a slight difference between these two: extensions come packed in modules) which will improve the functionality and features of your Magento store depending on your needs.

Working with Magento for the past 7 years has given us the chance to see how these extensions can improve functionality and design, and how they can be customized according to our customers’ needs. Magento extensions can ensure

  • Improved customer shopping experience through an improved ordering process for large quantities
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Expansion of your company’s reach, through global services regardless of geographical areas
  • Help in building business apps
  • Improved UX through simultaneous updates for different devices
  • Back-end efficiency through automated or removed tasks, especially those related to shipping and accounting
  • CRM / ERP system secure integration
  • Customer loyalty and acquisition through impeccable services and gift certificates, etc.

The possibilities are numerous, that is why you need to ask yourself if you really need custom Magento extensions or you can work with the ones provided by the Community. If the former solution is what you want, you will definitely need to reach to an experienced team that has worked with the Magento open-source source platform and knows its way around it, especially with extension modules.

Our OAK3 team is such an option given the experience gained along numerous eCommerce projects developed with Magento. We understand your business workflow and can easily become a part of it, giving you an advantage over your competition. Custom extensions need to be monitored due to potential application updates, which is another reason for you to choose professional Magento developers who are always up-to-date with the latest changes, ensuring a seamless functioning of the software.