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Magento Audit

Magento audit services

Professional Magento Assessment and Expert Advice

Our OAK3 team ensures Magento Audit services to examine and identify any potential issues that may cause a slow or flawed functioning of your eCommerce business and ensure peak stability, security and performance.

Although singular elements of the Magento platform can be examined and fixed individually, our approach is a comprehensive one, ensuring a holistic analysis that targets not only specific issues but also performs a checkup to establish if all the elements are working together properly and at full capacity. The result of this synchronicity of the Magento core elements is the positive user experience and seamless operational performance you are expecting to achieve.

A Magento Code Audit implies several reviews of:

  • The website’s code in comparison to the platform-specific code to determine if any changes have been made (as this aspect could hinder future upgrades).
  • CSS/PHP/JavaScript review
  • Third party extensions review
  • Back-end review of modules and code to check if good practices are observed
  • Front-end review implies checking the settings of CSS combined with JS files for website optimization, together with checking if design themes are implemented correctly. This also leads to an assessment of the website’s performance across various browsers to check layout and style consistency.
  • Speed and performance are also key elements that need to be verified to ensure that there are no faulty and under-performing server capacities, and to make the necessary code adjustments (if necessary) to ensure speed and performance optimization
  • Database audit includes security flaws and security issues checking
  • Server review
  • Any changes that have been made to the core files will be reported to the client, as this is useful information for future upgrades.