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Magento Development

Magento development services

When it comes to Magento development and implementation, we are the solution for you!

Magento is the best option for an online store due to its high customisation properties and features. If you want to achieve a breakthrough on the market, you will most definitely want to go with Magento. OAK3 has been providing Magento development services since 2010, completing full projects or offering technical and maintenance services at the highest standards.

Being a highly performant, scalable solution that gets constant upgrades and new features to suit any customer demand, Magento is ideal for online growth, delivering business results and accelerating sales.

As an outsourcing agency that has been working with both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions throughout all the upgrades, we consider it appropriate for a successful project to benefit from experienced and certified Magento developers. Magento is a complex eCommerce platform that requires a high level of expertise for best practices.

Our OAK3 Magento development services include Megentoento implementation, Custom Magento design, web development (extensions, non-standard functionalities, Zend framework, Magento performance tuning, migration from other platforms to Magento or from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x, CRM and ERP integration, shipping and gateway development & integration, drop-ship integration and social networking website integration, Magento Audit, and ongoing support and maintenance.

When it comes to Store Management, our Magento development services include catalog management, multiple websites, stores and currency management, Stage Updates, promotion rule builder feature, Visual Merchandising, etc. The smooth UX will also be ensured through sleek Checkout, engagement with the loyal customers will be improved, a more effective targeted promotion can be achieved by pairing customer segmentation with specific products, etc. Another benefit of using the Magento eCommerce platform is that it provides enhanced Search options, based on the Elasticsearch functionality that brings the user closer to the desired product in seconds.

What you need to remember when choosing Magento, be it the Community or Enterprise edition, is that it provides high extensibility, through its available new features, allowing us to cater to your every need in terms of online visibility and customer service.