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Our passion for digital products, services and experience allows us to provide you with a consistent array of Magento solutions and other web development approaches.

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OAK3 is one of the best approaches when it comes to helping you develop your online business and choosing the best option to do so. So, you might ask yourself why choose us as an offshore or nearshore solution? Let us explain:

In the last decade, Romania, with its main IT clusters and hubs spread throughout the country, has flourished as a very well sought-after outsourcing destination due to the quality of the services provided, the high level of experience of web developers, designers and programmers and of course, one of the best quality-price ratio on the IT market.

In all our years of activity, we have managed to grow, gain experience and create a skilled team of developers and designers that is always up to date with the latest tech changes and Magento upgrades. This is one of the main reasons we are the best offshore or nearshore solution for you. We have the technical expertise that you may lack in-house or do not want or presently have the budget to invest in. But this only depends on what the company’s main activity and objective is.

Regardless of the range or type of your online business project, out OAK3 team is always up for a challenge and will meet your expectations while observing all requirements. The advantage of hiring remote programmers is that you can not only benefit from the expertise of our Magento team but also from consulting and planning services.

By outsourcing your Magento eCommerce business you get access to tech savvy talent and build a partnership with us. Our collaboration does not end when your project is online. We also provide maintenance & the support so you don’t just launch yourself online, but grow.

Besides that, the most obvious benefits of choosing an offshore/nearshore solution are the cost and time-saving aspects, which allow you to ensure high-end quality for your online projects. Timely completion of projects is another advantage based on a professional and experienced team, as well as proper and up-to-date technology.

The reasons for opting for an offshore or nearshore solution like OAK3 is more than obvious. Let us take care of your projects while you focus on core business activities and processes. Our team players can help you with everything from planning to development and deployment, and if you also have a team of developers that you would like to get involved and share tasks, we can also engage in sprint sessions for more effective communication and teamwork.

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