Making sure your ecommerce platform stays secure and healthy is a full time job.

Through our Support and Maintenance services we make sure that your day to day operations run smoothly by performing any of the operations below:
  • Security patches - making sure you are always up to date and protected from vulnerabilities
  • Version upgrades - upgrade to the latest versions of Magento, as they are released
  • Server monitoring - uptime monitoring and support when issues arise
  • Site auditing - performance and code audit on a needed basis
  • Speed & performance management and monitoring
  • Codebase and database cleanup for logs, code and extensions that are not in use
  • Hosting migration
  • Website automated monitoring
  • Admin training
Dedicated Support team

Our support and development teams are independent so that our response is quick and issues are addressed with the urgency they require.


It’s always better to prevent so as part of our support plans we have monitoring services in place for vital issues such as uptime or security threats.

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