Pieces that make up the whole

The OAK3 Team

"You have to be smart. The easy days are over." - Robert Kiyosaki

Brief History

Our persistence and motivation to be the best in Magento and Zend frameworks from the very beginning, enabled us to achieve a level of expertise that allows us to design, build and support complex mobile apps, eCommerce and bespoke websites.
We have achieved measurable results, improved customer sales and automated processed and warehouses across the US and Europe.
The experience and focus of our team has allowed us to bring out client's visions to life. We build and we deliver.

Meet the team

OAK3 consists of:

  1. 25 team members that have delivered over 300 projects since 2010,
  2. Magento Developer Plus (level 2) certified developers,
  3. Magento Developer (level 1) certified developers,
  4. Zend 2 Framework developers.
  • Magento Certified Developer
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus
  • Zend Certified Architect

We are present in Europe, the US and Australia.

Management Board

  • Vlad

    CEO and Founder

  • Razvan


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